Academic Fraud in American Colleges and Universities

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Cases of academic fraud are running rampant through American colleges and universities even with usage of grade tracking software. While schools may employ other software to aid in tracking student athlete academic progress, cases of academic fraud are being reported frequently enough to create a cause for alarm.  ACES180 was developed with ease-of-use and real-time information in mind. Our software is different from the competitors because our focus lies in reducing ineligible student athletes while increasing academic progress rates. With our software, advisors receive notifications about at-risk students immediately. This quick action will result in faster intervention times for those at-risk students, keeping institutions compliant with NCAA Academic Eligibility Regulations. Falling out of compliance means hefty fines for the delinquent institution and could even lead to suspension of entire sport teams. ACES180 is committed to increasing schools Academic Progress Rate, adoption rate by professors and advisors, and helping students in need to make the necessary turn-around to keep themselves and their teams in good standing.



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